A Crocheted Simplicity & Sincerely Pam’s One Fan-tastic Giveaway


Sincerely Pam & I would like to extend our gratitude to all who helped us celebrate these milestones! We hope that you’ve enjoyed our giveaway and will continue to follow us as we continue to grow as designers. Thank You!

To end our One Fan-tastic Giveaway, we are having a Fan-tastic storewide sale!

Use Coupon Code: ONESALE to receive 40% off storewide in Sincerely Pam’s Ravelry Shop: SHOP NOW

Use Coupon Code: ONESALE to receive 40% off storewide in A Crocheted Simplicity’s Ravelry & Etsy Shops: SHOP RAVELRY  or SHOP ETSY

One Fan-tastic Giveaway, Two GRAND PRIZES, Two Winners!!

The Winner of 1 Year’s Worth of Patterns from Sincerely Pam is: Cindy Ann Edwards

The Winner of 1 Year’s Worth of Patterns from A Crocheted Simplicity is: Oressa Heilig

 Ladies~ Please contact us to finalize the details! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀



  **Winners for our daily drawings will be posted on the blog on the following day.  You have 48 hrs to claim your prize. Please be sure to check here often to see if you’ve won. If you are one of the lucky winners, it is your responsibility to contact the respective designer.

Daily Winner’s List

Monday, April 21st:  

 Abigailology:    Nikki Slaughter     &        Just Be Happy:    Sarah Althoff

Tuesday, April 22nd

Felted Button: Theresa Pearson   &  Danyel Pink Designs: Belem McCain

Wednesday, April 23rd

A La Sascha: DeeAnn Pfund   & Ball Hank n’ Skein: Megan Nicole Whited

Thursday, April 24th

Crystalized Designs: Diane Schweinhagen   &  Holland Designs: Lindsey Mae Strippelhoff

Saturday, April 26th

Frayed Knot: Ash Car   & One & Two Company: Tamara Zimmerman Panos

Sunday, April 27th

The Whole Knit & Caboodle:     Christal Dines Friend   &   CrocheTrend: Ronda Goetz

Monday, April 28th

Baca Creations: Sally Korneychuk   &  Hodge Podge Crochet: Dallas Martin & Michelle Ferguson

Tuesday, April 29th

Yarn Baby LLC: Diana Hensley Tackett    &   Auntie Jen’s Creations: Kathi Jo Rippy    &  Mad Mad Me: Chandra Bronander


246 thoughts on “A Crocheted Simplicity & Sincerely Pam’s One Fan-tastic Giveaway”

  1. I found the Giveaway from both connected to a link on Petals to Picots on Facebook that was shared by them from Sincerely Pam;s post.

  2. I found A Crocheted Simplicity and Sincerely Pam on Facebook but got to know them much closer in “The Hodge”.

  3. I found you through Facebook, post. I love you sites and I love to crochet for others. I’m always looking for new patterns. I wish I found you much sooner. Thanks for all your post.

  4. I have been following you both for a year now and all the beautiful things you 2 have created is just mind blowing 🙂 I love all your patterns 🙂

  5. I found Sincerely Pam through a friend I went to highschool with–Lala Crochet. I found A Crocheted Simplicity through Sincerely Pam.

  6. I’ve been following Design Wars since the very beginning and was introduced to the many talented designers (and more) through there, Ravelry & Facebook 🙂

  7. I’ve been fans of both pages for sometime and not sure how I found my way to them – other crochet sites I”m sure!

  8. I think I found you both through a giveaway! I love your work and I would be so honored, and excited if I won from either one of you. You are both so talented. Congratulations to you both on this milestone.

  9. Well I have entered everyday and have 6 of 7 chances. It won’t save my share for Sincerely Pam’s entry for today Tipping the Rafflecopter gods and stuffing my pockets full of horseshoes maybe this time it’s my turn. A big wahoo and congratulations to Pam & Jennifer on their milestones and accomplishments, They are both on the top of my list of favourite designers. My very best wishes go out to you both. Here’s to seeing the design’s you both provide in the coming year! Good karma and may luck be on your side

  10. I found your patterns on ravelry and have been following on Facebook , your patterns are so nice and well written

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