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“Butterfly Dreams” Pendant Lamp

The “Butterfly Dreams” Pendant Lamp was designed for the Design Wars Swanky Mini-Challenge. This brand-new yarn from Red Heart Yarns is gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant, it has an impeccable sheen and the sequins reflect light beautifully.

I had never worked with a sequined yarn before so to say this was the “true definition of a challenge”, is an understatement. But as I persevered, many design ideas came to me and I found the hardest part became choosing which one to develop.

We’d just recently moved into our new home so I decided to make a pendant lamp for my daughter’s new room. Once she realized that the project I was designing was for her, she nudged me everyday to complete it. I’m not sure she slept the night we hung it in her room. lol

Like all of my patterns, this pattern includes a couple photo tutorials and detailed instructions. You will need a light kit (also known as a paper lantern light kit). You can find them for sale all over the internet.

Pattern is available via the following: Ravelry , Craftsy & Etsy